10 Hilarious Clauses to Include in Your Boyfriend-Girlfriend Agreement

Love doesn't have to be serious all the time! Inject some fun and laughter into your relationship by adding these 10 hilarious clauses to your boyfriend-girlfriend agreement.

1. The Pillow Fight Clause

  • Agree to engage in a mandatory monthly pillow fight to resolve minor disagreements.
  • Loser must make the bed with fresh linens.

2. The Movie Night Trade-Off

  • For every rom-com you watch together, the other party gets to pick an action or sci-fi movie.
  • Both parties must watch the chosen movie without complaint.

3. The Ice Cream Treaty

  • Whoever finishes their ice cream first must buy the next round of frozen treats.
  • No stealing bites from each other's ice cream without permission.

4. The Pet Nickname Pact

  • Both parties must come up with a secret, ridiculous nickname for each other's pet.
  • Using the nickname in public results in a playful penalty (e.g., a tickle attack).

5. The Dance-Off Agreement

  • In the event of a stalemate during any decision-making process, a spontaneous dance-off will be held.
  • The winner gets to make the final decision.

6. The Karaoke Compromise

  • Both parties must perform at least one duet during karaoke nights.
  • Song choice can be as cheesy or silly as desired.

7. The Cooking Catastrophe Clause

  • If one partner's attempt at cooking ends in disaster, the other partner must order takeout without complaining.
  • The culinary culprit gets to choose the type of cuisine.

8. The Sock Monster Treaty

  • Both parties agree to return any "stolen" socks discovered in their laundry.
  • Failure to comply results in a sock puppet show as an apology.

9. The Road Trip Sing-Along Clause

  • During road trips, both parties must participate in a sing-along session featuring guilty pleasure songs.
  • No judging each other's taste in music or singing abilities.

10. The Ticklish Truce

  • Both parties agree to a "no-tickle" zone during serious conversations.
  • Tickling can only be used as a playful, lighthearted activity during designated fun times.

Remember, relationships should be fun and enjoyable, so don't hesitate to add some humor to your boyfriend-girlfriend agreement. These hilarious clauses will not only lighten the mood but also create lasting memories for you and your partner.